COVID-19 Prevention Policy


              Nirvana Foods USA inc and our storefront Asia Bazaar in Ontario California are doing everything hygienically and socially possible to help stop the spread of the Novel coronavirus.We are staying on top of all local, state and federal guidelines provided to us to maintain professionalism and to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Virus. We clean all floors and high touch surfaces on a daily basis. We also provide the local community with deliveries and curbside pick up options. Please help us maintain our guidelines by wearing masks when you enter or interact with our employee during a curbside pick / delivery. Also please keep social distance (6-10 feet) from other customers or store employees whenever possible and refrain from talking to others whenever possible. We reserve the right to reduce service to anyone showing any symptoms or anyone not in compliance to our policies and guidelines. If you have a cough, or are showing symptoms listed on the cdc website please call us and we can bring your groceries out to you or delivery to you at the comfort of your own home without any interactions. Here at Nirvana foods USA and Asia Bazaar we want to thank you for your cooperation to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and get life streamlined again.


Nirvana Foods USA Inc. And The DBA: ASIA BAZAAR Are not responsible or liable for anyone contracting, spreading, or unfortunately dying because of COVID -19. Please come to our shop and order online at your own risk. 

Our employees will not be allowed to come to work to the best of our knowledge if he or she are showing any symptoms for any disease or sickness including COVID-19. We cannot guarantee any asymptomatic carries spreading any disease or sickness but will monitor to the best of our ability.  

please read the resources below for any further details.


we are proudly registered as a covid compliant business in San Bernardino County